Whitethrone is the capital of all Irrisen. Baba Yaga established the city as her capital on the ruins of the Raemerrund capital of Elkswoad, literally paving the new city’s roads with the skulls of slain Ulfen warriors. Whitethrone sits on the frigid northern shore of Glacier Lake. It’s most distinguishing characteristic is the diversity of its populace: Jadwiga, Ulfen, dwarves, fey, gnomes, ice trolls, snow goblins, and winter wolves all live in relatively stable coexistence.

NE large city
Qualities academic, magically attuned, notorious, racially intolerant (non-Jadwiga humans), tourist attraction
Danger 20


Government magical
Population 24,900 (17,962 humans, 1,873 winter wolves, 1,237 ice trolls, 1,098 gnomes, 996 snow goblins, 614 dwarves, 543 fey, 95 frost giants, 482 other)
Notable NPC’s
  • Ringeirr Malenkov
  • Mortin the Forger
  • Nazhena Vasilliovna
  • Queen Elvanna


    Base Value 13,600 gp; Purchase Limit 85,000 gp; Spellcasting 9th

  • Whitethrone

    Reign of Winter KiNGT3RMiNATOR